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Excerpt of my Fanfic [updated]

okay, so i changed the last one i posted. romance was never been my thing. it is, if i just keep if for myself  LOL. i like to keep hinting, throw some shots here and there, and see if things go well. so, hit the words…


Tale #229

It was one fine night in Merry.

Robin woke everyone up, hands popped out here and there like tentacles. And in a second, all hell broke loose.

“Look, the shooting stars!”

They pointed to all directions, crossed each other’s arms. The silent night changed to a total ruckus. Their voice echoed in the air, spreading to the ocean like a wave by the night breeze. Even Zoro had his eyes wide opened.

But somehow, for the love of anything sanity, Luffy could always manage to ruin the moment.

“You’ve never heard of it? Seriously? Where have you been all this time, hell?” Usopp sounded totally appalled in incredulity. “It’s not just any stars, you baka. It’s freaking shooting stars. We’re supposed to make a wish, as it would definitely grant anything we want.”

“Really? Well I don’t need stars to make true of my dreams anyway. I’m gonna be a Pirate King no matter what.”

“Oh you’re already a King, don’t worry. King of Dumbass. Now shut up and stop ruining the mood.”

Nami’s lips formed a faint smile.

Her mind went to the nights when there were million wishes casted, where the dark sky was such a glare. Nami almost could picture it as clear as crystal, as if it just happened yesterday. When she couldn’t sleep even a wink, hoping for the shooting stars to finally appear tomorrow night. But they never came.

And yet after freaking years, they chose tonight to show guts. And here Nami thought stars not the ones supposed to be so malignant.

“What wish are you making, Nami-san?”

Nami startled, didn’t even realize Sanji was standing by her. How long has he been here?

“Yeah, Nami, what is it?” Chopper was in her feet all of a sudden, eyes just the size of Grand Line, sparkling. The shooting stars had better to be alert.

“Nami, your nostrils broaden like a pair of hollows—ouch! Sanji, that’s uncalled for!”

“Shut up, you freaking gomu-gomu.”

Nami couldn’t hold her laughter. Only a minute later she could say a word.

“I think it’s granted already.”


…end of the excerpt.


Grey’s Anatomy blabs [season 2 episode 11]

(i write this for a certain someone out there . . . lol)

You know why I can understand the psychology from Izzie POV, as well as Meredith’s, and Alex’ at the same time? Because I don’t limit my understanding on whom I have a bias for. For starter, I like Izzie, I dislike Meredith, I can’t hate Alex no matter what he does. But hey, that’s not changing the fact that Meredith does have a hell lot at hands, and Alex is on the brink of failing again, and Izzie acts rather exaggerating towards those two.

But… remember but? This nice, little dread word we can’t avoid of.

But, first, Alex cheated on Izzie. That alone should give a broad picture about how a girl would feel. Jealousy can spark even only by watching our guy chatting passionately with another girl (especially if the girl happens to be very attractive). Well, let alone having our guy cheating behind our back.

And Izzie was still hurt. Needs a hell lot of time I think, to recover from this kind of broken heart, which happened because of betraying. That being said, she didn’t know Alex was failing an exam at that time. At other time, like Alex once said, she would be extremely supportive and optimistic. But at that time, I’m sure that Izzie was like an open drain, that everything Alex or Meredith said would flow right through the sink. (and remember, this is an expression Meredith once used)

And, Izzie needed support from her friends. Imagine when we’re being hurt or having a life drama, our friends act like nothing huge just happened, and say “I told ya” instead. George, Meredith, and Christina acted like it wasn’t a big deal at the quints case, right after the Alex-Izzie incident took place. Despite Izzie was always being there everytime they got hurt before (the night when Meredith knew Derek was married, being all ears for George about his crush, and when Christina was losing her baby).

And, on top of that, instead of being there for Izzie—just being there, for pity’s sake—they chose side on Alex’. Though it’s for a very fair reason, and I would like to do the same thing if I were they, I think it explained how it added even more hurt for Izzie in that situation.

Having our friends sided on an ass who broke our heart, and eventually also had to help that ass go through his crisis while still being hurt… I can only imagine how sad I would be if I were her.

I think Izzie didn’t wish them to badmouth or leave Alex alone in the cold, but she became like that because her friends didn’t show as much support as she felt suffice. That can be a problem, I know, but I really can relate to that.


P.S. kinda pathetic to whine over things not really important (to be more exact, not important at all) here, but if all going on in my head is nowhere near brilliant and authentic, then so be it. i guess. xD

The Freaking Pattern


Is there any long-lasting manga that didn’t end with the main character getting married to another character and having kids? I mean, come on. Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, Rave (kinda), Ai Yori Aoshi, Shaman King, Samurai Deeper Kyo (kinda), Bakuman … it’s like a freaking pattern. Hell, even the king of manga in Japan that considered the mega best, Dragon Ball, also suffered with the same plot ending.


It’s like the idea of “happily ever after’ for these mangaka really embedded in their brains. Which leads to marriage, living together, and so on. Bloody ew.

Then what about the conflicts? What good in building this very exceptional and brilliant storyline through years of insane hard works if the solutions in the end still equal those of kid’s fairy tale’s?


Vegeta, Bulma, Bra, and Trunks. Oh yeah… The Simpsons wouldn’t even stand a chance.

Though some was stretching out (and in some cases, extreme) from the mainstream ending. Slam Dunk (hell yeah), Monster, or Ironfist Chinmi (Kungfu Boy). And, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro is kinda fit as fiddle, only it’s rather a semi long-lasting manga.

And the freaking pattern—which is getting really old school—I can even see it coming with Detective Conan from the start. (well? childhood couple, tons of pair between friends, flings sparked here and there… No?)

Okay, I know it’s not all, there are plenty out there that aren’t, but many of these great manga finished with the same definition of happy ending. And I find it kinda… well, tiring? I mean, there are various meaning of good ending, depends on who the mangaka is, and what principle they stand for, but what a loss if a long great-deal manga stuck with similar conclusion, no matter how differ the story and the complexities they got.

What worse is when the couple settled in the end is set awfully randomly, or feels like it’s been decided in a very last minute, without enough hints before.

And I really, really hope One Piece won’t be finished with tons of marriage, offsprings, after a friggin’ decade of time-skip…

…and pregnancy.


Sanji brings a word pervert to a whole new dimension. It’s your freaking child, dude… LOL