Excerpt of my Fanfic [updated]

okay, so i changed the last one i posted. romance was never been my thing. it is, if i just keep if for myself  LOL. i like to keep hinting, throw some shots here and there, and see if things go well. so, hit the words…


Tale #229

It was one fine night in Merry.

Robin woke everyone up, hands popped out here and there like tentacles. And in a second, all hell broke loose.

“Look, the shooting stars!”

They pointed to all directions, crossed each other’s arms. The silent night changed to a total ruckus. Their voice echoed in the air, spreading to the ocean like a wave by the night breeze. Even Zoro had his eyes wide opened.

But somehow, for the love of anything sanity, Luffy could always manage to ruin the moment.

“You’ve never heard of it? Seriously? Where have you been all this time, hell?” Usopp sounded totally appalled in incredulity. “It’s not just any stars, you baka. It’s freaking shooting stars. We’re supposed to make a wish, as it would definitely grant anything we want.”

“Really? Well I don’t need stars to make true of my dreams anyway. I’m gonna be a Pirate King no matter what.”

“Oh you’re already a King, don’t worry. King of Dumbass. Now shut up and stop ruining the mood.”

Nami’s lips formed a faint smile.

Her mind went to the nights when there were million wishes casted, where the dark sky was such a glare. Nami almost could picture it as clear as crystal, as if it just happened yesterday. When she couldn’t sleep even a wink, hoping for the shooting stars to finally appear tomorrow night. But they never came.

And yet after freaking years, they chose tonight to show guts. And here Nami thought stars not the ones supposed to be so malignant.

“What wish are you making, Nami-san?”

Nami startled, didn’t even realize Sanji was standing by her. How long has he been here?

“Yeah, Nami, what is it?” Chopper was in her feet all of a sudden, eyes just the size of Grand Line, sparkling. The shooting stars had better to be alert.

“Nami, your nostrils broaden like a pair of hollows—ouch! Sanji, that’s uncalled for!”

“Shut up, you freaking gomu-gomu.”

Nami couldn’t hold her laughter. Only a minute later she could say a word.

“I think it’s granted already.”


…end of the excerpt.


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Sometimes I fall into the river of thought and unsuccessfully make it back undisturbed. This place is a sea where I pour all my imagination without the constant worry of myself being drown. Anyway, welcome.

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