Monet, a Revelation

Holiday brings me back to my favourite Monets.

First time learning his art, it was some kind of revelation. It was so mind-blowing, breathtaking moment. I immediately thought, “he’s the best…”



The Woman in The Garden


Can’t think of words that would ever able to deliver my feelings, seeing this painting, but after forever i finally come up with one: ADORATION.

I know, Monet (1840-1926) is all impression, and sunrise. But it isn’t his mega historical painting that later gave birth of the very infamous nickname of him (and become quite an era of group of painters) that i want to display as my best impression Monet, no pun intended. First look at the Woman in The Garden and it practically took away all my consciousness, blew my mind in a split second.

Of course it was Camille Doncieux who was being the model, like almost all his work before all the water lilies rampage, but i found it different than any other Camille paintings. The focus now isn’t her, but the garden. As the woman seen to stare in awe at the beautiful garden, we invited to also look at the same direction. The gentle, detail, yet vivid brush strokes captivated me in a flash. We can envisage easily of some bright day in France, in a garden of an old manor house, owned by some Comte or such.

Though the look Camille gives for the garden was clearly admiration, and we feel the same worship at the same time, it seen for me that the painter itself ALSO felt adoration while doing the work. The title itself gave it away, that it was the woman the creator wanted to exhibit, not solely the garden. But despite all things, somehow the garden painted in such a way that it stood up almost immediately, like it stole all the attention.

Maybe i’m just rambling. Maybe i am, but still… beside The Cliff at Etretat and Oat and Poppy Field, The Woman in The Garden remains as my best Monet painting of all time.


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Sometimes I fall into the river of thought and unsuccessfully make it back undisturbed. This place is a sea where I pour all my imagination without the constant worry of myself being drown. Anyway, welcome.

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