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To Kill a Mockingbird [not a review]

Like i said, i’m not gonna review the legendary book here. Maybe someday, but not now. Then why go for such title?

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well… one word does tell everything, huh?


A bit quote from British librarian that it’s a book that “every adult should read before they die”. And they can’t be truer. Who can forget such iconic kid like Scout? And Jem, Dill… and Boo. He’s the core of all i’m gonna blab a (hell) lot here.

Truth be told, it wasn’t racism that popped into my mind almost immediately, reading the book. Though i knew it’s the essence of the book, the big idea, the “it” value inside. It was actually the prejudice that allured me to follow every page with my own eyes, every single word, until the end.

Until Boo Radley got his moment.

Prejudice kills everything supposedly alive. It eliminates all possibilities, keeps options closed. Humans have this jail called presumption in mind. Humans already close-minded as it is, let alone having the prejudice join the stage. It is too easy to alter one’s perspective through subjective POV. In one opinion. About one thing.

Sometimes people don’t want your answer. They just need their presumption to be proven right. It’s often useless to put explanation in words, becuz people are already holding onto their own judgement. Their mind stuck with one single surmise, no matter how far it stretches out from the truth. What’s important not how fact fits theories anymore: it’s the complete opposite.

“You are, i gather, not unintelligent, but painfully limited. Narrow. Close-minded.”


You had earned my respect for eternity, Sir. Well, beside all your Snorkack thing…

I can’t help but having these words echoed in my head every time i witness cases like this. Xenophilius Lovegood had worded it perfectly. Sometimes people are so deliberately blind they reject the truth in front of them and their brain digest it into some completely different shit. Damn.

(slightly off topic, but remember “double standards” problem we have here in the world of gender discussion? yep, it’s quite similar with that screwed up logic… say, human logic)

Boo (back to the Mockingbird) was misunderstood all his life. His whole family as well, but all fucked up shit seemed revolved around him. Tom Robinson, in some aspects, were hundred times even worse than Boo. What he experienced was no longer hell… it was lunatic, insane, outrageous, pile of vile and madness. Sorry, got a little emotional here, but like people said, action speaks louder than words. And in this case, prejudice speaks the loudest. It literally kills every slit that might be there, for even the tiniest bit of truth. And i don’t just hate it; i freaking despise it.

You know, sometimes i hate people.

Whether it is assumption, prejudice, early judgement, or however you wanna put it, they never do good. In mathematical equations, maybe they do. And economic analysis, in order to simplify the model and calculate the expectations, but in real life, they don’t. When you first heard about something, of course it would almost definitely, affect your opinion. But never take anything as face value, and don’t judge anything so easily. You wanna be ignorant, go ahead, it’ll do much better than close your ears to everything that has to be said, becuz you already have your own opinion and not gonna change it no matter which one is the real truth.

Oh, and listen to what people have to say. Give them chance to explain their shit.

And read To Kill a Mockingbird, before you die.