Here and everywhere in the world.

Maybe the exact word isn’t racism that fits the topic that i’m going to blab here, but as it’s the extreme form of xenophobia, the sentiment (and sentimentality) remains the same.

Now i’m residing in a foreign country as a permanent resident, so i can be considered as “local” here. Temporary, maybe, but local nonetheless. And i hold a religion that most people are afraid of, or reluctant to have anything to do with, or hellbent on getting the hell out of it, in most ways. And judgement can come out, for the best or the worst, through only appearance. Let alone race, or belief. The same pattern.

Racism stands for what it’s called.


This is EXACTLY how it is.

First time coming here, i fell instantly for this country. Hard. The people are so sweet, loving, friendly, and incredibly nice to the point that i can’t believe it sometimes, even now. They are so helpful and always willing to offer assistance, and the nastier look i’ve ever had from them, i believe, were the usual curious “wow foreigner” ones. Friends are easy to make, and the only question i’ve ever got about my appearance are whether it is hot or not wearing burqa. Jerks always exist no matter where we go, but all in all, my impression of living overseas experience for the first time is amazing, 9 out of 10.

And here comes the real eye-opener.

Visiting a country for a year or two, and really live and reside there for about 10 years, are completely different matter. When you’re not really migrating in the place permanently, there are things you could casually brush off, intentionally or not. Mostly the latter. It’s a very important point that can easily alter and influence the perspective people are giving about things. There are parts of everyday lives that only local folks are knowing about, the smallest details in social interactions that visitors in a short amount of time can’t sense the difference. Or even if they do, it doesn’t particularly do them any harm.

Before the ‘R’ word showing its face.

Equality is such a broad word, it can only grasp the point in this discussion in parts. Discrimination will find its way back and crawl behind you before anyone realizing. Being foreigners has its perks, though unfortunately it also means that we will, always, become a “guest” in their eyes, unwanted or not. People who come while bearing “temporary visit” in mind will, of course, never see this kind of trouble appearing. As the level of interaction isn’t as deep and intense as those who are the regulars.

Tourists will always be the happiest.

As long as people perceive themselves to be a separate race, separate nationality, or basically “different form of human being”, the treatment people are giving can be considered as racism.

Just my two cents.

Yeah. Show 'em who the boss is, Big P.

Yeah. Show ’em who the boss is, Big P.


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Sometimes I fall into the river of thought and unsuccessfully make it back undisturbed. This place is a sea where I pour all my imagination without the constant worry of myself being drown. Anyway, welcome.

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