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Here and everywhere in the world.

Maybe the exact word isn’t racism that fits the topic that i’m going to blab here, but as it’s the extreme form of xenophobia, the sentiment (and sentimentality) remains the same.

Now i’m residing in a foreign country as a permanent resident, so i can be considered as “local” here. Temporary, maybe, but local nonetheless. And i hold a religion that most people are afraid of, or reluctant to have anything to do with, or hellbent on getting the hell out of it, in most ways. And judgement can come out, for the best or the worst, through only appearance. Let alone race, or belief. The same pattern.

Racism stands for what it’s called.


This is EXACTLY how it is.

First time coming here, i fell instantly for this country. Hard. The people are so sweet, loving, friendly, and incredibly nice to the point that i can’t believe it sometimes, even now. They are so helpful and always willing to offer assistance, and the nastier look i’ve ever had from them, i believe, were the usual curious “wow foreigner” ones. Friends are easy to make, and the only question i’ve ever got about my appearance are whether it is hot or not wearing burqa. Jerks always exist no matter where we go, but all in all, my impression of living overseas experience for the first time is amazing, 9 out of 10.

And here comes the real eye-opener.

Visiting a country for a year or two, and really live and reside there for about 10 years, are completely different matter. When you’re not really migrating in the place permanently, there are things you could casually brush off, intentionally or not. Mostly the latter. It’s a very important point that can easily alter and influence the perspective people are giving about things. There are parts of everyday lives that only local folks are knowing about, the smallest details in social interactions that visitors in a short amount of time can’t sense the difference. Or even if they do, it doesn’t particularly do them any harm.

Before the ‘R’ word showing its face.

Equality is such a broad word, it can only grasp the point in this discussion in parts. Discrimination will find its way back and crawl behind you before anyone realizing. Being foreigners has its perks, though unfortunately it also means that we will, always, become a “guest” in their eyes, unwanted or not. People who come while bearing “temporary visit” in mind will, of course, never see this kind of trouble appearing. As the level of interaction isn’t as deep and intense as those who are the regulars.

Tourists will always be the happiest.

As long as people perceive themselves to be a separate race, separate nationality, or basically “different form of human being”, the treatment people are giving can be considered as racism.

Just my two cents.

Yeah. Show 'em who the boss is, Big P.

Yeah. Show ’em who the boss is, Big P.


To Kill a Mockingbird [not a review]

Like i said, i’m not gonna review the legendary book here. Maybe someday, but not now. Then why go for such title?

1main IMG_191 LLC shutterstock_86840116

well… one word does tell everything, huh?


A bit quote from British librarian that it’s a book that “every adult should read before they die”. And they can’t be truer. Who can forget such iconic kid like Scout? And Jem, Dill… and Boo. He’s the core of all i’m gonna blab a (hell) lot here.

Truth be told, it wasn’t racism that popped into my mind almost immediately, reading the book. Though i knew it’s the essence of the book, the big idea, the “it” value inside. It was actually the prejudice that allured me to follow every page with my own eyes, every single word, until the end.

Until Boo Radley got his moment.

Prejudice kills everything supposedly alive. It eliminates all possibilities, keeps options closed. Humans have this jail called presumption in mind. Humans already close-minded as it is, let alone having the prejudice join the stage. It is too easy to alter one’s perspective through subjective POV. In one opinion. About one thing.

Sometimes people don’t want your answer. They just need their presumption to be proven right. It’s often useless to put explanation in words, becuz people are already holding onto their own judgement. Their mind stuck with one single surmise, no matter how far it stretches out from the truth. What’s important not how fact fits theories anymore: it’s the complete opposite.

“You are, i gather, not unintelligent, but painfully limited. Narrow. Close-minded.”


You had earned my respect for eternity, Sir. Well, beside all your Snorkack thing…

I can’t help but having these words echoed in my head every time i witness cases like this. Xenophilius Lovegood had worded it perfectly. Sometimes people are so deliberately blind they reject the truth in front of them and their brain digest it into some completely different shit. Damn.

(slightly off topic, but remember “double standards” problem we have here in the world of gender discussion? yep, it’s quite similar with that screwed up logic… say, human logic)

Boo (back to the Mockingbird) was misunderstood all his life. His whole family as well, but all fucked up shit seemed revolved around him. Tom Robinson, in some aspects, were hundred times even worse than Boo. What he experienced was no longer hell… it was lunatic, insane, outrageous, pile of vile and madness. Sorry, got a little emotional here, but like people said, action speaks louder than words. And in this case, prejudice speaks the loudest. It literally kills every slit that might be there, for even the tiniest bit of truth. And i don’t just hate it; i freaking despise it.

You know, sometimes i hate people.

Whether it is assumption, prejudice, early judgement, or however you wanna put it, they never do good. In mathematical equations, maybe they do. And economic analysis, in order to simplify the model and calculate the expectations, but in real life, they don’t. When you first heard about something, of course it would almost definitely, affect your opinion. But never take anything as face value, and don’t judge anything so easily. You wanna be ignorant, go ahead, it’ll do much better than close your ears to everything that has to be said, becuz you already have your own opinion and not gonna change it no matter which one is the real truth.

Oh, and listen to what people have to say. Give them chance to explain their shit.

And read To Kill a Mockingbird, before you die.

Midas, King of Phrygian

I don’t want to be King Midas.


When His Majesty turned his own blood to a stone...

Turning one’s own blood to a stone… Not much of a deliverance as we hope for, eh, Your Majesty?


He overlooked everything he had until he lost it all. No way in hell i wanna be a person who’s not being grateful and only knows how to oppose. The grass is always greener on the other side would be quite the understatement of the century in this case.

When i wrote this, my mind sailed to a man named Santiago El Campeon. Who doesn’t know him? An exceptionally modest yet gallant character from Hemingway’s novel back in 1952 who steals everyone’s heart by his endless bravery and faith. The fictional fisherman who battled out every day in the Gulf Stream is the antithesis of the typical real-life wealthy man who has almost everything in the world but still manages to find shortcomings every time.

I’m somewhere between nowhere and goodbye, in some dark, twisted place far between those two Legends. I’m not as fortunate as King Midas (in term of fortune, pun intended) and not having a shack wrapped around me to fight cold at night either. I just know that Santiago is everything so many today’s kids are not. His actions, governed by his belief in an unstated pride of a man, leads to the furthest road from being such an blind schmuck ass, like me.


Well, i’ve got offered things many people would lose a limb to get hands to it, but i still set my eyes up there, reaching something higher, and higher, and higher. While keep losing what i already had. Chance, age, vanity. Am i morphing into ungrateful little bitch, who bounds to see nothing outside her expectations, though it’s kinda like elephants in the room? No freaking way.

I know i was born stubborn and this obstinate pigheaded is something that came naturally, but line is drawn with a reason. I have no right in hell to criticize people like King Midas, cuz well, kettles would want to have a word with such pot.

Before this rambling can hurt our eyes even more, i think i ought to stop.

Excerpt of my Fanfic [updated]

okay, so i changed the last one i posted. romance was never been my thing. it is, if i just keep if for myself  LOL. i like to keep hinting, throw some shots here and there, and see if things go well. so, hit the words…


Tale #229

It was one fine night in Merry.

Robin woke everyone up, hands popped out here and there like tentacles. And in a second, all hell broke loose.

“Look, the shooting stars!”

They pointed to all directions, crossed each other’s arms. The silent night changed to a total ruckus. Their voice echoed in the air, spreading to the ocean like a wave by the night breeze. Even Zoro had his eyes wide opened.

But somehow, for the love of anything sanity, Luffy could always manage to ruin the moment.

“You’ve never heard of it? Seriously? Where have you been all this time, hell?” Usopp sounded totally appalled in incredulity. “It’s not just any stars, you baka. It’s freaking shooting stars. We’re supposed to make a wish, as it would definitely grant anything we want.”

“Really? Well I don’t need stars to make true of my dreams anyway. I’m gonna be a Pirate King no matter what.”

“Oh you’re already a King, don’t worry. King of Dumbass. Now shut up and stop ruining the mood.”

Nami’s lips formed a faint smile.

Her mind went to the nights when there were million wishes casted, where the dark sky was such a glare. Nami almost could picture it as clear as crystal, as if it just happened yesterday. When she couldn’t sleep even a wink, hoping for the shooting stars to finally appear tomorrow night. But they never came.

And yet after freaking years, they chose tonight to show guts. And here Nami thought stars not the ones supposed to be so malignant.

“What wish are you making, Nami-san?”

Nami startled, didn’t even realize Sanji was standing by her. How long has he been here?

“Yeah, Nami, what is it?” Chopper was in her feet all of a sudden, eyes just the size of Grand Line, sparkling. The shooting stars had better to be alert.

“Nami, your nostrils broaden like a pair of hollows—ouch! Sanji, that’s uncalled for!”

“Shut up, you freaking gomu-gomu.”

Nami couldn’t hold her laughter. Only a minute later she could say a word.

“I think it’s granted already.”


…end of the excerpt.

Grey’s Anatomy blabs [season 2 episode 11]

(i write this for a certain someone out there . . . lol)

You know why I can understand the psychology from Izzie POV, as well as Meredith’s, and Alex’ at the same time? Because I don’t limit my understanding on whom I have a bias for. For starter, I like Izzie, I dislike Meredith, I can’t hate Alex no matter what he does. But hey, that’s not changing the fact that Meredith does have a hell lot at hands, and Alex is on the brink of failing again, and Izzie acts rather exaggerating towards those two.

But… remember but? This nice, little dread word we can’t avoid of.

But, first, Alex cheated on Izzie. That alone should give a broad picture about how a girl would feel. Jealousy can spark even only by watching our guy chatting passionately with another girl (especially if the girl happens to be very attractive). Well, let alone having our guy cheating behind our back.

And Izzie was still hurt. Needs a hell lot of time I think, to recover from this kind of broken heart, which happened because of betraying. That being said, she didn’t know Alex was failing an exam at that time. At other time, like Alex once said, she would be extremely supportive and optimistic. But at that time, I’m sure that Izzie was like an open drain, that everything Alex or Meredith said would flow right through the sink. (and remember, this is an expression Meredith once used)

And, Izzie needed support from her friends. Imagine when we’re being hurt or having a life drama, our friends act like nothing huge just happened, and say “I told ya” instead. George, Meredith, and Christina acted like it wasn’t a big deal at the quints case, right after the Alex-Izzie incident took place. Despite Izzie was always being there everytime they got hurt before (the night when Meredith knew Derek was married, being all ears for George about his crush, and when Christina was losing her baby).

And, on top of that, instead of being there for Izzie—just being there, for pity’s sake—they chose side on Alex’. Though it’s for a very fair reason, and I would like to do the same thing if I were they, I think it explained how it added even more hurt for Izzie in that situation.

Having our friends sided on an ass who broke our heart, and eventually also had to help that ass go through his crisis while still being hurt… I can only imagine how sad I would be if I were her.

I think Izzie didn’t wish them to badmouth or leave Alex alone in the cold, but she became like that because her friends didn’t show as much support as she felt suffice. That can be a problem, I know, but I really can relate to that.


P.S. kinda pathetic to whine over things not really important (to be more exact, not important at all) here, but if all going on in my head is nowhere near brilliant and authentic, then so be it. i guess. xD

Bring me back my Lie To Me (Tim Roth, Kelli Williams)

Screw Fox and all its cancellation.

I seriously can’t think one possible reason why show like The Mentalist has way more viewers than Cal Lightman’s LTM. I mean, who can actually resist that pile of bollocks talk from such smartass bonkers like Cal and the gang? The witty genius lead role, the female partner, the badass gang, the family issues, the intelligent way in solving cases, and even the acting… I mean, Lie to Me clearly worked on all those aspects, if not perfectly, then at least brilliantly. If I really have to complain about anything, it would be the unnecessary flings of Cal. *lol

Cal’s characterization is dug deeper and done more brilliantly than Jane’s, for other example. As nutty as Cal appeared to be, we still felt him like a real thing. We could reach the character and totally feel it. While Jane was more like a character from some script, with not as great actors.

Give my back my favourite Bonkers…

Sega Gurih ^o^

note : artikel jaman SMA di majalah sekolah


Buat yang hobi makan, mulai dari cemilan-cemilan sampe makanan prasmanan, pasti udah tau banget dong sama yang namanya ‘sega gurih’? Asyoi banget kan? Eit, tapi jangan salah. Sega gurih yang disini beda sama sega gurih yang biasanya ada di warteg-warteg. Sega gurih yang disini maksudnya “Sepuluh Tiga Bagus, Kreatif, Bersih”. Sebuah nama yang sederhana, tapi maknanya dalem banget tuh buat makhluk sepuluh tiga! Dan yang paling penting, nama ini juga mencerminkan kepribadiannya arek-arek sepuluh tiga! (ciee…)

Semua penghuni disini berasal dari Sabang sampe Merauke, tapi berkat kepemimpinan Big Boss Angga sang ketua kelas, plus wakilnya Putri yang cinta banget sama Kimia, kekompakan kami tidak diragukan lagi. Didampingi dengan sekretaris Ella yang suka banget nyanyi di kelas, dan sejoli bendahara Windha dan Hanif yang suka nagih-nagih uang kas, makin klop deh pengurus sepuluh tiga.

Belum lagi cowok sepuluh tiga yang kocak dan doyan banget membuat kita ketawa, Anggit. Juga ada Adhika si sportman, Elfady si jenius, dan Mirza si dobel jenius. Juga cowok aneh bin ajaib Denny alias Cebok, si Bojes alias Dias, Bagus si Jumanji, Ichal yang anteng plus misterius (?!!), duo kembar Sigita sama Sigite (Sigit Adi dan Sigit Edi), dan terakhir Pisces yang bisa diandalkan.

Ceweknya juga nggak kalah ajaib dari cowoknya lho. Lihat aja Desi yang suka histeris, Fafa yang pinter dan keibuan (ciee…), Ayuppe yang anteng, dan Ikha yang sulit ditebak. Terus masih ada lagi si Juju’X’ yang paling rajin nyalin PR temen dan fans berat ONE PIECE. Dan Winda yang tahu banget masalah agama—kalau ada masalah, tanya dia aja, dan Yuniar, cewek yang paling stress di dunia gara-gara cowoknya, Yusia alias Yusmeg yang imut-imut, Risa yang semangat, Devi yang ceria dan ketawanya bikin bulu kuduk merinding, Retno yang tegas dan disiplin, Onivia, si cewek diam-diam menghanyutkan, dan Ni Putu alias Niput yang gayanya santai banget. Belum lagi twins Irene sama Adina yang lengket kayak perangko, Bunga di tepi jalan alias Oneng, Intan Dianty yang lesung pipitnya bikin ngiri, Intan Loka yang nggak suka banget dipanggil Loka, Gris yang lucu, Friday yang jahil, Stanny si cewek masternya segala jenis lagu, Camel si gaul yang asalnya dari negeri kangguru, dan terakhir cewek pendiem dan baik hati Betty.

Selain dikaruniai bakat, potensi, kemampuan dan talenta dalam berbagai hal yang macem-macem, sepuluh tiga juga aktif, kreatif, dan inovatif. Mau bukti? Lihat aja di pengumuman eskstrakurikuler. Nama anak-anak sepuluh tiga pasti terpampang di sana, dan tersebar ke berbagai bidang eskul. Mulai dari keterampilan bahasa yang terdiri dari bahasa Jepang, Jerman, EC (English Conversation), Komputer aplikasi, KIR, musik, jurnalistik, Olimpiade Matematika, Olimpiade Biologi, teater, paskibra, BRC (Bhawikarsu Red Cross), SC (Student Company), dan elektro. Masih ada juga yang berbau olahraga seperti basket, Fosil, volly, dan bulu tangkis. Dan nggak ketinggalan yang ikut eskul beladiri seperti Taekwondo dan Jujitsu. Intinya, di setiap eskul pasti ada salah satu makhluk sepuluh tiga-nya! Chayoo buat sepuluh tiga!! Ganbatte Kudasai!

 by : Juju’X’

Catatan Anak IPS

Catatan Anak IPS

Anak IPS di sekolah ini nggak beres semua. Termasuk aku juga.

Singkat kata, awal mula kebersamaan kami yang aneh ini waktu setahun lalu, waktu kami-kami yang ajaib ini masuk bareng ke kelas dua IPS (sebenernya nyebutnya kelas ’sebelas’, tapi enakan nyebut kelas ’dua’, ya nggak?). Waktu itu, anak buah kami nggak sesedikit ini. Menurut data : cowoknya ada 4, yaitu Saipul Jamil, I’im, Jimbon, sama Ferdi Hasan. (yang terakhir ini namanya ngawur, soalnya aku nggak hapal namanya, juga nggak pernah ketemu orangnya.)

Sekilas info, kenapa kok tadi takbilang aku nggak pernah ketemu sama yang namanya Ferdi Hasan itu? Soalnya, dia itu mulai hari pertama masuk aja udah nggak muncul batang hidungnya, apalagi biji jerawatnya. Sampe sekarang juga dia nggak pernah masuk tuh. Jadilah, cowok di kelas kami tinggal 3 ekor.

Lalu, anak ceweknya ada 10 : aku yang manis, Ma’ul, Durwani, Dwiki, Vikar, Bhellu, Mbak Din, Dinyun, Jumi’, sama A’am (nama panggilan semua).

Jumlah kami waktu itu 14 (Ferdi diitung jugak).

Awalnya kami-kami ini nggak segila sekarang. Masih gengsi, masih jinak-jinak merpati cuz baru kenal. Ngomongnya ya masih kaku-kaku gitu, isin-isin gak jelas.

Lama-lama, mulai keliatan belangnya. Waktu itu aku masih ’pendiam’, asyik ngamati satu per satu anak IPS yang mulai keliatan gilanya. Yang tadinya dikira alim, ternyata suka ginjal-ginjal nggak karuan. Yang dikira slenge’an ternyata hobi ke perpus, sehari tiga kali, ngalah-ngalahi mandi. Yang dikira serius ternyata kalo ngomong kayak speaker mbledag.

Aku inget, pas kelas dua awal-awal itu, ada satu personil di hutan rimba ini yang sering ilang gak tau kemana. Dia anak paskot yang super sibuk. Si Dwiki.

Sepeninggal Ferdi Hasan, Jumi’ pun menyusul. Padahal kita udah akrab banget… Berjalan bersama, berlari bersama, ngesot bersama, gelayutan bersama… (kapan ya? Nggak inget…) Dia pindahnya nggak jauh-jauh amat sih, cuma pindah jurusan aja dari IPS ke IPA.

Jumlah kami pun tinggal selusin.

Pertengahan kelas, hutan para orang aneh ini pun bertambah satu spesies, Erik namanya. Dia pindahan dari KRBI satu. Namun spesies ini pun ternyata malah membuat hutan lumayan kacau, penuh kenangan kurang enak, akhirnya dia pun meninggalkan hutan.

Hutan kembali sepi, jumlahnya kembali jadi selusin lagi.

Puncaknya, si penyanyi dangdut kita Saipul Jamil tiba-tiba hengkang dari kelas hewan-hewan langka ini. Dia memutuskan pindah sekolah ke kebun binatang di Hongkong (Hongkong mbahmu a? Ke Palu, tau..). Ma’ul dan kami-kami para perempuan lembut hati ini pun menangisi kepergiannya menghadap Yang Maha Kuasa (hush! Dibilangi ke Palu, kok..!).

Sekarang anak IPS tinggal 11 ekor. Kami menjuluki diri kami sendiri sebuah ’kesebelasan’, setelah sebelumnya ’para akademia’.

Hingga akhir hayat di kelas 3, jumlah kami tetep segitu gak nambah-nambah. Pas kapan itu ada gosip anget kalo bakal ada satu cowok pindahan luar pulau yang bakal menambah anggota, tapi gosip tetaplah gosip.

Meski begitu, ada satu yang tetep sama selama 2 tahun kiprah kami di kampung IPS. Yaitu, wali kelas kami yang tetap sama selama 2 tahun. Pak Har Tercinta.

Beliau dengan sabar membimbing kami menjadi semakin aneh seperti sekarang. Pak Har juga selalu ikut kegiatan-kegiatan kami yang di luar akal sehat manusia. Pak Har adalah Ayah dengan perhatian dan kasih sayang yang luwar biasa.

Meski bilang benci, kami tetaplah sesama manusia planet. Walau kadang suka pisuh-pisuhan, kami tetaplah satu hati satu jiwa. Bagaimanapun buruk sikap kami terhadap sesama satwa di hutan orang aneh ini, toh kita tetap anak IPS. Anak IPS yang sampai kapanpun tetap begini. Tetap aneh, tetap gila, tetap bersama.




                          – end –